Commercial Aviary project

Commercial Aviary Papagaios Urbanos – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Specialized in Brazilian parrots reproduction

Adapt a project

Commercial Aviary AMC, RJ, Brazil. Specialized in Guarouba guarouba, other Pisttacidae and Phoenicopteridae’s reproduction

Project adaption

FreePower Aviary – RJ – Flamingo – Phoenicopterus ruber e P.roseus

Environmental enrichment

Guarouba guarouba just weaned and inicial strengthening the flight muscle

Cages projects

Adaptation of the existing space to the needing of each specie

Artificial Creation

Hand-feeding youngs – Criadouro FreePower

Youngs together just for the video. Each one, or small group, is kept in its own incubator

Anodorynchus hyacinthinus – Hyacinth Macaw – Born

Commercial Aviary FreePower – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Born from artificial incubation
Guarouba guarouba – Golden Conure
Youngs being hand-fed with flexible probe

Anodorynchus hyacinthinus – Hyacinth Macaw

Youngs being hand-fed with flexible probe

Amazona aestiva

Hand rearing – ex-situ

Hand feeding psita

FreePower aviary – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil


Guarouba guarouba – Golden Conure

Hand-feeded and tame young. Pet goal

Ara ararauna – Blue-and-yellow Macaw

Hand-feeded and tame young. Pet goal

Aratinga jandaya – Jandaya Parakeet

Hand-feeded and tame young. Pet goal

Forpus coelestis – Pacific Parrotlet

Hand-feeded and tame young. Pet goal

Anodorynchus hyacinthinus – Hyacinth

3 month old Young – pet

Amazona aestiva

Pet bir

Amazona ochrocephala

Hand rearing pet – ex-situ

Anodorynchus hyacinthinus – Hyacinth

Hand rearing pet

Ara chloroptera

Many pets Green winged macaw

Primolius maracana

Pet bird

Diopsittaca nobilis

Pet young

Family choosing your pet

Difficult choise! All happy! 🙂

Pionites leucogaster – Caique

Hand reared and pet

Forpus coelestis pet

Pets are excellent for childrens educations

Forpus coelestis

Pet bird’s interaction with children


Cyanopsitta spixii – Spix’s Macaw

Extremely rare specie legally appearing in Brazilian Aviary

Amazona kawalli – White-faced Amazon

Commercial Aviary Rostan, RJ, Brazil. Rare specie in an aviary specialized in breeding parrots

Flamingo – Phoenicopterus chilensis

Reproductive Flamingo’s group in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil aviary

Amazona kawalli

Rostan aviary – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil Specialized in parrot reproduction, where technical responsable was

Amazona autumnalis diadema

Rostan aviary – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil Specialized in parrots reproduction

Amazona ochrocephala xantholaema

Rostan aviary – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil Biologin – technical responsable

Interviews / Talking

Interview 1 Marcelo Aragão Vet

Knowing a breeding bird Farm – Psittacidae

Interview Marcelo Aragão Vet

Facts about birds, responsability, hyacinth macaw and other endangered species

Acperj&BR convention

Reproductive dates and hand hearing in Brazil


Phoenicopterus ruber

Cage transfer

Explanation of the application of a smaller chip – mini nano – in birds

Using the smaller chip MarcaPet in birds, 1,25 x 7mm – Much smaller and much less traumatic.