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Marcia_Weinzettl_Biologa_imageI am a Biologist post-graduate in wildlife, husbandy and breeding
Graduated in 1990 – Santa Ursula university

Curator Loro Parque Fundación – Spain
Resident in Tenerife – Canarian Island – Spain

The sustainable development, with professional and responsible captive breeding, is important in maintaining the genetic variability of each species.



My goal is to always establish realistic goals that are tailored for each breeding facility, each state, country and level of investment. This flexibility allows the husbandry techniques to de adapted to each circumstance.

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Biologist working on the management of wild animals in captivity since 1990. My specialty is research, application and the refinement of reproductive technologies.
The development, refinement and application of the methodology for each step in breeding wildlife provides the road map for success.

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The facility, breeding center or pet store must meet all of the species’ needs that are being targeted as well as complying with all legal requirements imposed by the authorities.



I lecture and provide courses on proper husbandry of wildlife throughout Brazil and abroad. During the lectures I provide details on reproduction that is success driven.

Youngs born under my technical responsibility

Legal Framework

Arara azul – Hyacinth Macaw
Araras – Macaws
Ararajuba – Golden Conure
Ararinhas – Mediun size Macaw
Papagaios – Amazon
Maitacas e Marianinhas – Pionus Parrot, Caiques
Jandaia – Aratinga Parakeet
Tiriba – Pyrrhura Parakeet
Cacatua – Cackatoo
Flamingo – Flamingo

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